About Us

Here we are!



Salateira is an international fast-healthy restaurant chain that operates on free ingredient choice basis and offers a unique chance to combine ingredients that you prefer.

We offer large affordable portions that are prepared with high quality and fresh products in front of our guests.

Juicy salads, creative pastas, nourishing sandwiches, authentic ravioli, signature desserts, seasonal drinks and cream-soups are the basis of our menu.

Every three months our Brand Chef creates new special seasonal menu with signature dishes prepared from fresh ingredients.

One of the most important principles of our work is to provide fast services to our guests. People who live in large cities often lack time to make sure the food they eat is healthy that is why Salateira takes care of this.

In Salateira we have open kitchen, so our guests can see the entire process of their food preparation, as well as make sure that the cooks` work in clean and tidy manner.

In each restaurant of the chain, there is a water station, where anyone can have a glass of lemon and mint water. Other complementary gifts, which our guests may receive in any quantity, include apples at the cash registers, seed mix, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to add to salads.

We launched the first restaurant of the chain in December 2011, in Sky Mall, Kyiv. As of today, there are 14 restaurants including 10 restaurants in Kyiv, as well as 3 restaurants abroad – 2 restaurants in Minsk and one in Alicante (Spain). In 2018, the company plans to open 300 – 400 sq. m restaurants in the major cities of Ukraine and its neighboring countries.