Super useful sweets by March 8 in Salateira!

To the most important holiday of spring there are only a few hours, and we have prepared for it in advance 🙂 From now on, every guest of Salateira can purchase a special gift for girls, girls, wives, sisters and grandmothers – a box of New Zealand sublimated fruits in Belgian chocolate with our brand wow -design. This gift is not only unreal beautiful and tasty, but also very useful! We use real Belgian chocolate from natural ingredients (grated cocoa 54%, real cocoa butter without impurities, sugar and a pinch of vanilla varieties Bourbon) and delicious lychees, pineapples and tangerines! What is a freeze dried fruit? These are fruits that are quickly frozen to -80, which results in a rapid removal of moisture from the product. Such ultra-modern heat treatment allows the fruit to retain its true color and all useful qualities. Already want to try, you too? 🙂 PS. Hurry, the number of sweets is limited)