Mmmm … A new unrealistically delicious Italian menu!

Molto Bene! Italiano! We meet the new winter Italian menu in Salateira 🙂 What have we prepared for you? Only delicious, as always 🙂 We start with the soup Minestrone with pesto sauce. Next, choose a paste – Carbonara with bacon and cream sauce, Tessarino with mushrooms or Genoese with a ham? What will you choose? 🙂 Where is it without mozzarella in the Italian menu? Try the Campana salad with mozzarella and tomatoes, or Parma with jamon and ricotta cheese. There will be a novelty for all lovers of ravioli – now with porcini mushrooms! And neereerereal tasty drink Peru with pear and sea-buckthorn. Rather in Salateira!