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DNA season menu


The unique collaboration of the fast & healthy network of Salateira and DNA test service for healthy nutrition Myhelix.

Hurray! Easter is coming!

For the seventh year in a row, we bake the Easter Cake according to the family recipe of Irina Dobrutskaya, co-owner of Salateira. Maden with love and inspiration, our cakes will be tasty and beautiful addition to your holiday table. ❤️

For corporate orders, we have prepared special offers.

Let’s celebrate Easter together! 🐰

Learn more and order by phone:

  • (050) 071 78 92 (Nikolai) – pre-order
  • (099) 034 85 34 (Ksenia) – corporate orders

Salateira will open new restaurant at “РайON” shopping mall, Kyiv

On July 15, 2018 international chain of fast-healthy restaurants Salateira will officially open new restaurant at “РайON” shopping mall. Restaurant at the food court of “РайON” shopping mall will become the 15th Salateira restaurant in the world. Restaurant’s area is 100 square meters. To recap, in August, Salateira has also opened the restaurant in Kharkiv.

Restaurant menu is a standard one. Due to the principle of free choice of ingredients, Salateira’s guests are able to make a salad or pasta to their liking from more than 40 kinds of ingredients. As in all Salateira’s restaurants, visitors can enjoy free water with lemon and mint, as well as other compliments in unlimited quantities – apples in the cash area, a mix of seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressings to salads.

Grand opening of the restaurant will be on Saturday, July 15, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Address – Kyiv, “РайON” shopping mall, 4 Lavrukhina str.

Summer time menu :)

It is better to celebrate the 1st day of summer with new seasonal menu in Salateira. You can do this starting from… NOW! Today’s program: Yams salad; Onion soup (oh-la-la!); Eggplant and chicken salad; Supercool couscous with shrimp; Couscous with salmon (such cool as shrimp couscous :); Jamon and pear salad – summer classic; Iced coffee with cream & Passion fruit and apple drink.

Holiday work schedule

Chef’s easter pies are waiting for in our restaurants. Traditional recipe and unforgettable taste. Just call us to make a preorder and have time to enjoy one! Preorders line: 050-840-61-74

Kharkiv! Meet the first Salateira in the city!

The restaurant will be opened in shopping mall “Karavan” (7 Heroiv pratsi street)! We invite you to join us at the opening party on April, 12. What to expect? – tasty and healthy food; – friendly salatiers; – special brand-chef’s panna-cotta is waiting for each guest! See you at the opening!

Salateira will open new restaurant in Kharkiv at “Karavan” shopping mall

On April 12, 2018 international chain of fast-healthy restaurants Salateira will officially open new restaurant in Kharkiv. Restaurant at the food court of “Karavan” shopping mall will become the 14th Salateira restaurant in the world and the 1st restaurant in Ukraine opened outside of Kyiv. Restaurant’s area is 124 square meters. To recap, in late September, Salateira has also opened a street retail restaurant in Alicante, Spain. “We’ve been carefully choosing the place to open our first restaurant outside of Kiev. Obviously, first of all we are interested in top-level locations in cities with a population of 1 million or more. Kharkiv is a very attractive city for starting scaling up our chain in all respects, – says Svetlana Kharchevnaya, Salateira’s Business Development Director. – We’ve chosen “Karavan” shopping mall because the figures from our research give every reason to believe that restaurant in this shopping center will operate successfully. We would like to thank DCH Infrastructure & Real Estate team for their efficient work, thanks to which we were able to solve all the issues quickly and effectively.” Kharkiv restaurant menu is a standard one. Due to the principle of free choice of ingredients, Salateira’s guests are able to make a salad or pasta to their liking from more than 40 kinds of ingredients. As in all Salateira’s restaurants, visitors of the one in Kharkiv can enjoy free water with lemon and mint, as well as other compliments in unlimited quantities – apples in the cash area, a mix of seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressings to salads. Grand opening of the restaurant will be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 10 a.m. Restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Address Kharkiv, “Karavan” shopping mall, 7 Heroiv Pratsi st.  

Wonder Weeks in Salateira are coming back!

From February 13th in all of Salateira restaurants look for tasty novelties – fishballs with tilapia and mitballs with turkey and Ramses cheese. This is an ideal addition to our vegetarian seasonal and main menu. Bon appetit!

Salateira has collected 100 000 UAH for residents from “Dacha” organization!

What could be better than becoming Santa`s helpers and bring some joy? Our New Year’s initiative has helped to collect 100 000 UAH for the children from “Dacha”. And it’s been only for 2 weeks before the New Year! That`s a real Christmas magic! Dacha is the only Ukrainian center where children from all over Ukraine who have cancer or undergo treatment live together with their families for free. Let’s make good things together!

The most purple menu in Kiev is already in Salateira!

The most purple menu in Kiev is already in Salateira. Here you and pasta with bacon and mushrooms, and a salad with a jamon and pear (can you imagine something more autumn ?!)! And pink ravioli will be a hit in Instagram, is not it?

Fresh Watermelon returns !!!!

Straight from the barge – and to us 🙂 Meet, the pet of the summer – watermelon fresh in Salateira! The offer will not last long, so hurry for the goodies!

Be in trend writes about our new restaurant Opera Mini)

Summer dictates to us not only a dress code, but also a desire for food: in the heat, you especially want refreshing dishes and drinks that will not only taste good, but also preserve their useful properties during cooking. These principles are followed by Salateira – an international network of fast-healthy restaurants with the ability to freely choose ingredients and combine products. introduces you to the new menu of Salateira and tells about the advantages of the new restaurant opposite the Opera House. Read the full article here –

New Morning with Salateira!

Morning! New Morning with Salateira! Meet the updated morning menu from today in all restaurants 🙂 What a delicious (and new) is waiting for you?

Connie! Meet Japan in Salateira!

Connie! Welcome to Japan! More precisely, in Salateira, where from June 1 you can try the exotic seasonal Japan Menu! We adapted the cuisine of sushi and sashimi to our salad menu – it turned out just incredible! What surprise? Salads with eel, squid, baked body and smoked duck breast. Also you will find an unusual natural drink with blue flower Anchan (no artificial colors!), And savory ravioli with duck confit. We can not wait for your first impressions!

The new incredible Salateira! Official opening very soon!

You asked – we opened! Meet the brand new, the biggest and invariably cool Salateira right in front of the National Opera (Vladimirskaya str. 51/53)! We invite everyone to the official opening tomorrow, May 19 at 11:00! In the program: – tasty and healthy food of the capital; – 2 floors of green space for your comfort; – Friendly salad; – and a million beautiful photos for your Insta! A sweet present is waiting for each guest – a corporate dessert from the brand-chef. Come to the opening!

We are announcing the season of Easter cakes!

This year our Easter hare has become more prudent, therefore we start pre-selling delicious cakes today. A kilogram of true pleasure and delicacies – it is worth ordering a few, because to eat cake from Salateira will want everything! Call 050 630 63 89 and make your order now. No hesitation!)

Super useful sweets by March 8 in Salateira!

To the most important holiday of spring there are only a few hours, and we have prepared for it in advance 🙂 From now on, every guest of Salateira can purchase a special gift for girls, girls, wives, sisters and grandmothers – a box of New Zealand sublimated fruits in Belgian chocolate with our brand wow -design. This gift is not only unreal beautiful and tasty, but also very useful! We use real Belgian chocolate from natural ingredients (grated cocoa 54%, real cocoa butter without impurities, sugar and a pinch of vanilla varieties Bourbon) and delicious lychees, pineapples and tangerines! What is a freeze dried fruit? These are fruits that are quickly frozen to -80, which results in a rapid removal of moisture from the product. Such ultra-modern heat treatment allows the fruit to retain its true color and all useful qualities. Already want to try, you too? 🙂 PS. Hurry, the number of sweets is limited)

Новое Healthy Spring menu в Salateira!

The spring in Salateira is a new menu in Salateira! This time we decided to please all of you with the most tasty Healthy Spring Menu! Its feature is that all dishes are very easy and the most low-calorie so you can be prepared by summer and bring yourself into a faultless form. In the program: fennel and chicken soup (with only 75 calories, can you imagine?), Vegetable vitamin salad (sounds very “fitness”, isn’t it?), tuna salad with yogurt and basilic sauce, salad with turkey, fennel and the baked tomatoes, salad with beet, prunes and cream cheese, honey drink with grapefruit and hibiscus tea (something cool!), and also ravioli with chicken and thyme! Meet spring and train taste of healthy food.

Salateira 5 years!

Five. For five years, the Salateira network was completed on December 25th. And it is this time that we take care of our guests to eat healthy salads and pastas. During this time, we managed to open 10 restaurants (two of which – abroad), launched a dozen seasonal menus, responded to thousands of guest messages. But the most pleasant thing is that all the best is yet to come. Thank you for being with us!

Christmas combo offer from Salateira

ХО – ХО – ХО! By the New Year holidays, we, together with Santa and his elves, prepared a special offer for all guests – Christmas Combo! What it is? This is a set of your favorite dishes for a special price 🙂 1. Green pea soup + Polo sandwich + beverage from chef / tea / coffee to choose from = 109 UAH 2. Soup Minestrone + Caesar salad + drink from chef / tea / coffee to choose from = 139 UAH Rather for his New Year’s combo in Salateira!

Mmmm … A new unrealistically delicious Italian menu!

Molto Bene! Italiano! We meet the new winter Italian menu in Salateira 🙂 What have we prepared for you? Only delicious, as always 🙂 We start with the soup Minestrone with pesto sauce. Next, choose a paste – Carbonara with bacon and cream sauce, Tessarino with mushrooms or Genoese with a ham? What will you choose? 🙂 Where is it without mozzarella in the Italian menu? Try the Campana salad with mozzarella and tomatoes, or Parma with jamon and ricotta cheese. There will be a novelty for all lovers of ravioli – now with porcini mushrooms! And neereerereal tasty drink Peru with pear and sea-buckthorn. Rather in Salateira!

Halloween begins !!!!!!

Ready? Week of amazing delicacies and the horror of cool new products Wonder Weeks declare open! In the program: super delicious pumpkin kettle with chicken, mushrooms, mozzarella and leeks and all the long-known dessert – pumpkin parfait! The validity period of the special offer is from October 27 to November 4 inclusive.

Wonder weeks – Caesar’s weeks!

This time we will surprise you …. Caesar! More precisely, Caesars) Enjoy exotic novelties in our restaurants, starting today – Caesar with baked duck and chimichurri sauce and Caesar with grilled chicken and Asian nut sauce. At the start, attention, Caesar!

Wonder Weeks

Indian menu

Truffle menu

Meet our new premium winter menu with truffle! Yes, we know that there are 10 more days till winter comes, but the most delicious truffles are gathered in November! So we decided not to make you wait any longer! Try new Giaveno salad with fresh mushrooms and truffle sauce, Piedmont pasta with chicken and porcini mushrooms or Canterano pasta with truffles, classic Minestrone soup soup or Torino soup with porcini, warming tea made from linden and hot dried fruit drink and specials for our vegetarian guests – ravioli with porcini mushrooms and ravioli with cottage cheese and spinach! Enjoy Italian taste with Salateira

The directors of Salateira’s restaurants and the company’s TOP-management passed a series of coaching sessions at the School of Business Coaching Natalia Romanenko

Perfection is one of Salateira’s values. We strive daily to be a little better than yesterday. And in order to grow constantly, only the best teachers are needed! 20 future coaches from the School of Business Coaching Natalia Romanenko conducted a series of coaching sessions for those who develop our company every day: co-owners of Salateira, top managers, and directors of restaurants Salateira.

Wonder Weeks

Ready, stedy … Wonder Weeks! Meet our new Wonder Weeks Halloween menu! Enjoy creamy pumpkin parfait and pumpkin soup with sun-dried tomatoes. Hurry up – Wonder Week menu is for a few weeks only!

New Salateira opening in Globus mall

Ukrainian brand of fast-healthy restaurants Salateira opened a new restaurant in the Globus mall (1 line). This restaurant was the 2nd opening of the chain in 2015.

New seasonal menu in Salateira – “African Summer”

New seasonal menu in Salateira – “African Summer”. Original recipes from African continent which we’ve adapted slightly for the Ukrainian taste certainly will be your favourites this summer! Enjoy!

Spring menu

As fresh as the breath of spring wind, just as healthy as the rays of the morning sun, just as delicious as it always is in Salateira! Meet our new spring menu! At this time we have prepared for you 10 new dishes: veggie-chicken pie, pie with carrots and mozzarella, vegetable salad and salad with beets, vegetable and potato soup, ravioli stuffed with vegetables or chicken and zucchini, and for dessert – strudel with apples or cherries. Be the first one to try new menu!

Breakfast in Salateira!

Friends, we have started serving breakfast in Salateira! Scrambled eggs, oatmeal and granola, traditional and homemade toasts, french croissants and cheesy cake! For early birds only!

Merry Christmas!

Salateira – 3 years!

December 25 we celebrate our 3rd birthday! On this day, we decided to invite all office “shrimps” to work on the salad bar. Therefore, on this day only you will have a great opportunity to try the salad out of the hands of our chief accountant, HR-director, designer, or even one of our co-founders!

Help a little angel!

It’s time of Christmas holidays: New Year’s gifts and miracles are waiting for everybody! Friends, let us together help children with cancer – because these angels are waiting the most for a marvel! During the period of winter holidays in Salateira restaurants you can purchase a paper angel, all proceeds from which we will send to help the charity fund “Pediatricians Against Cancer”. More information about the charity fund “Pediatricians Against cancer”

Care about everyone: health insurance in Salateira

We want to share with you wonderful news: Salateira made health insurance for all employees who work in our restaurants for more than a year. We are the first food chain in Kiev, which took care of the health of their employees in such manner.

Winter menu in Salateira

Meet winter’14 with a new seasonal menu in Salateira: traditional pasta bolognese, pasta with porcini mushrooms or oyster mushrooms, crispy cake, creamy mushroom soup and ravioli with oyster mushrooms and shiitake. Our guests can worm up after the frosty winter walks with our chief’s drinks: buckthorn and pear hot drink or cranberry drink. Be the first one to try new delicious menu from Salateira!

Salateira Cafe in the ” Prospect”

Salateira cafe – a unique new new product Salateira, located in the “Prospect”! We will treat coffee and wonderful desserts. Wait for you!

Opening a new restaurant in the “Prospect”

In a network of restaurants Salateira opened a new , sixth restaurant ! It is located at ul. Krasnogvardeiskaya 1b, in the mall ” Prospect” . We are waiting for you!

Higher prices

Friends, we are forced to increase the prices of some dishes. We also do not like it, but there is no choice.

Cherry with us again!!!

Cherry returns as an additional ingredient from October 1! Friends, we noticed that you are upset absence cherry and decided to return them as additional ingredients, so you’ll be able to add them to a salad or substitute cherry tomatoes on. We do our best to you we liked!