Here we are!



We offer you the most delicious and fresh dishes which are prepared from high quality ingredients right in front of your eyes — this is our advantage. We strive to make the price less, but the portion bigger – it’s our honesty. We value each of our guests and give them a good mood – it’s our joy. We are one family, united by a common desire of giving the best things to people — it’s our mission.

Our philosophy

Allow yourself to enjoy the amazing taste of Italian cuisine: juicy salads, traditional pasta dishes, hearty Panini, crispy croissants, real ravioli and gentle cream soups. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the fantastic taste and large portions of our dishes, but also their affordable prices. All our dishes are prepared with only the best quality products, specially imported from Italy. This jamon, cheese, tuna, salmon, lettuce and unmatched sauces are waiting for you to create a special mood for the whole day.